How Does a Welk Timeshare Work?

The perfect vacation is about more than just relaxing on the beach. It’s about creating a perfect, all-encompassing experience that will be remembered for years to come. Those interested in first-class accommodations might want to consider a Welk Timeshare, as Welk Resorts has a reputation for excellence in hospitality and creating personalized vacation packages.

Why Welk?

Welk Resorts owns a number of properties throughout the continental United States and in Cabo San Lucas, allowing their timeshare owners and visitors alike to create the vacation plans that will best suit their unique preferences. Each property is equipped to offer the finest in hospitality and luxury and is perfectly positioned to offer visitors easy access to local attractions. They also partner with other resorts, allowing them to offer packages and activities through these partners at incredible prices.

Understanding Timeshares

Timeshares through Welk Resorts work by allowing owners to make reservations based on their points system. These points accrue throughout a use year, allowing owners to plan their vacations anytime between January 1st and December 31st for maximum flexibility when making plans. If owners don’t want to use their points for the year, they can simply elect to have them carried over to the next year.

Accrued Points

The Welk system is unique in that it also offers owners the opportunity to accrue extra points. These can be used to extend vacations, upgrade to larger accommodations, and more. Like normal points, the extra accrued points expire on December 31st of the year of accrual.

Transferring Timeshares

Welk is also somewhat unique in that it offers timeshare owners the opportunity to transfer their points to family and friends for a small one-time fee. They can also transfer points to other timeshare owners for free. Timeshare owners are responsible for any damages or personal charges that result from their guests’ stays in their timeshare properties.

Join Now to Make a Reservation Today

Reservations can be made at Welk Resorts up to fifteen months prior to the anticipated check-in day. However, the time frame for using accrued or borrowed points is a little bit different, in that reservations can be made no earlier than 60 days before the anticipated check-in date. Find more information online about timeshares, or learn how to take advantage of Welk’s fantastic timeshare program today.