Study: My Understanding of Vlogs

Understanding Vlogging

Often dubbed as the “new reality TV,” vlogging is increasingly becoming popular. People are finding fame as they continue to share their videos on video sharing sites and applications. Whether you enjoy doing vlogging or you enjoying watching vlogging videos, one thing is for certain – vlogging is certainly here to stay.

The Essence of Vlogging

Considered as an upgrade of the usual blogging, vlogging or video blogging is the art of recording a video about mundane things. As the name suggests, vlogging reaches out to audiences through a story that is relayed using a video. With the use of the best vlogging camera, even the most ordinary video can become extraordinary when it’s paired with a good storyline. People who have found their fame through vlogging have also found a fat check waiting for them when their videos reach thousands of views.

Important Must-haves

When planning to make your vlogging a profession, it is always best to invest in the best vlogging camera instead of just settling with your camera phone. Vlogging cameras can give your video a touch of sophistication, which is something that a usual camera phone is not capable of delivering.

Other than the quality of the video, there’s also the voice quality. Precision and quality are two of the things that you would surely benefit from the best vlogging camera.

Bright Lights

Lighting is a very important element when shooting a video, regardless of kind. Brighter lights are important when shooting any video, especially your vlog since everyone would want to clearly see your face and what you’re doing. That said, it is important to have the right lighting.

The best vlogging camera works best with the right lighting in the area you are working at. Your vlogging camera will produce crisp and vivid videos when it is complemented with the right lighting.

Good Script or Story

When vlogging, it is best to always come prepared with a good story or a script. Doing things impromptu is an option but when you are just starting out and you’re unsure of what to say or do, you’d likely just bore your audience. Doing the recording impromptu would likely lead to you stuttering and not making any sense, which would make your audience think you are a complete nonsense.

It would be pointless if you invest in the best vlogging camera and yet you can’t come up with a witty storyline to share. At least come up with a plan on what you want to say or do before you start rolling.


Preparing the area in advance is a best practice to do when vlogging. You don’t want your viewers to say mean things because they see your background is too messy. Clean up the space where you will be shooting the video. This is of utmost importance especially if your vlogging live.

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