Top Reasons Why Vacationers Enjoy A Welk Timeshare

Welk resorts are luxury resorts owned by the family of Lawrence Welk, the famous band leader and television host. The company today remains a family-owned and family-oriented business with properties designed to provide a unique and memorable vacation experience for guests. The following are some of the top reasons why vacationers choose to stay at a Welk Timeshare.

Luxury Accommodations

All of the Welk properties are designed with comfort and hospitality in mind. At the resort in San Diego, for example, guests can enjoy amenities like granite countertops and stone floors, a wall-mounted LCD television, a fireplace, and a balcony or patio. Apartments are equipped with all the comforts of home in addition to extra luxuries that make a vacation special.

Exciting Locations

Welk resorts are located in places that are full of interesting things to do and see. Some of the most popular locations are San Diego, Palm Springs, Cabo San Lucas, Branson, and Lake Tahoe. Guests have access to a full range of family-friendly activities, such as visits to a zoo or amusement park, excellent restaurants, and fun in the water, whether at the beach or a lake.

Family Activities

One of the most-praised features of a Welk resort is the availability of family activities. In the Branson resort, for example, the Activity Center plans programs throughout the day and evening. These include competitions, arts and crafts, movies, learning activities, and video gaming, and guests are free to drop in at any time. Many families take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy pursuing individual interests while being on vacation together.

Outdoor Fun

In addition to nearby parks, beaches, and other outdoor attractions, Welk resorts provide plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the grounds. Most feature pools, playgrounds, mini-golf, tennis courts, full golf courses, and running tracks, all amidst beautiful landscaping. The resorts can serve as a self-contained vacation as well as offering a starting point for adventures further afield.

According to online reviews, Welk resorts have a reputation for catering to families, offering activities and amenities that both parents and their children can enjoy. A vacation at a Welk resort can offer a luxurious and enriching experience for the whole family.